About us

I’ve always thought of beauty as being much more than physical appearance. Beauty to me is wellbeing and happiness, it’s a smile in the morning and laughter all day long. Beauty is a choice of life, rather than something determined by your chemical makeup. FOA began as my baby, I wanted to bring the idea of a natural beauty and health marketplace to life. Alma means nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned. 

By taking out the hard work of research and trial and error, Friends of Alma makes it so very easy for you to feel confident and empowered in making the switch to toxic-free products. I hope to share what I’ve learnt and inspire even a small change in how you see the beauty and health products you use every day. Even replacing one product group per month will make a huge change to your health. Believe me – I’ve been there!

I hope Friends of Alma inspires you to feel beautiful inside and out, because you absolutely are!

 Always remember,