Sarah Jean Tweezer Applicator Tool


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The Sarah Jean tweezer applicator tool makes applying Sarah Jean false eyelashes easier!

Use the tweezer tip to place lashes, and the tweezer clamp to press the false and your natural lashes together. The eyelash glue doesn’t stick to the rubber tips making the application easier.

Here’s what people are saying about the tweezers:

I am beyond impressed with the applicator tool, I actually wish I had invented it myself! …it has made such a difference to my #lashgame and will recommend this to absolutely everyone, it’s seriously awesome!

– Blogger, Emily Crawford, WHY HELLO Beauty

We can’t get enough of these blitzing lash styles (also check out the amazing Sarah Jean Lash Applicator tweezers which make applying a breeze).

– Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine, Erin Docherty

The Sarah Jean products make getting the wow factor easy! The lashes offer a natural, lightweight eyelash solution. The adhesive and tweezer applicator tool are changing the way people apply lashes at home – for the better!

The Sarah Jean eyelash products are vegan friendly with PETA accreditation.

The lashes have a clear strip or really fine black strip so they blend beautifully with your real lashes. The eyelash adhesive glides on easily with drips or the need to wait for it to go tacky. It’s also easy to remove. Gently massage your real lashes for at least 20 seconds with a cleanser. You’ll find it forms little clumps that can be wiped away – without damaging your real lashes!